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Stunning Colour Grading & Colour Correction for Video, Commercials, Corporate, Film, Weddings & Documentaries

GENIE (2021)

Before & After Case Study

Colour Grading Fashion

Before & After Video

Broadcast TV Ad (2021)

Before & After Case Study

Colour Grading to Match Kodak Film Stock

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Creating a Sunset with Colour Grading

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The Subtle Art of Colour Correction – Ballet

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Fixing White Balance – Wedding

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Grading a Car With a Summer Vibe

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Colour Correction – Adding Warmth & Focus

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Colour Correction & Grading for a Rainy Day

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Grading for that Arri Alexa Look

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Basketball Ad

Video Before & After

Urban Cityscape


Whether your project is a narrative film, documentary, TV commercial, event, wedding or corporate video – our expertise in colour correction and colour grading will breathe amazing new colour and light into your project.

Colour Grading London is a small, independent colour grading studio based in North West London, UK. 

We offer both colour correction and colour grading services, and we use the same tools used by many of the greatest Hollywood blockbusters.    

Matt Mahmood-Ogston - Freelance Colourist London

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My name is Matt and I’m a Colourist (Colour Grader) and award-winning Filmmaker based in London.

Colour Grading London is a service that delivers Hollywood quality, cinematic colour to independent filmmakers, agencies, non-profits and corporate video teams. Breathe new energy into your production with the same advanced colour techniques used in big budget blockbusters and high-end TV commercials.

I’m passionate about helping you realise your creative vision with breathtaking colour.


I use the same Colour Correction and Grading tools used in popular Hollywood films. If your project is a documentary, film or video please get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation.

Competitive daily or fixed project rates are available for all sizes of colour grading and colour correction project.

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 June 7, 2021 

What tools do you use for Colour Correction and Grading?

Colour Grading London - Basketball Ad / Graded

All colour work is finished in the latest version DaVinci Resolve Studio, a popular choice for Colourists working on some of the biggest films in Hollywood. I accept projects edited in most NLEs including Adobe Premiere and Final…

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 June 4, 2021 

What’s the difference between Colour Correction and Colour Grading?

I sometimes get asked - what's the difference between colour correction and colour grading? Can't I just slap on a LUT (Look Up Table) and be done with it? In some circumstances, perhaps you can. But that would be doing a disservice to the footage you've painstakingly gone to great…

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