A small selection of my recent colour grading work and experimentation with colour

Fixing White Balance – Wedding

Before & After

Grading through the summer

Before & After

Colour Correction – Adding Warmth & Focus

Before & After

Colour Correction & Grading for a rainy day

Before & After

Grading for that Arri Alexa Look

Before & After

Basketball Ad


Urban Cityscape


Matt Mahmood-Ogston - Freelance Colourist London

Beautifully Engaging Colour Grading & Colour Correction Hire me

My name is Matt Mahmood-Ogston and I’m a Freelance Colourist based in London. I work out of my colour calibrated 4K studio, optimised for working on remote colour projects.

Whether your project is a documentary, narrative film, event or corporate video production – I’ll help breathe new energy into your project using the latest techniques in colour science.

I use the same Colour Correction and Grading tools used in Hollywood.

Competitive daily rates are available for all sizes of project.

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